Our Process

We understand that no two clients are the same. Each project is approached in a specialized method, yet all are addressed by leveraging the diverse skill-sets and backgrounds of our members in order to develop insightful solutions for our clients.

Case Teams

To achieve the best results for our client, consultants are divided into two teams with different skills, experiences and academic backgrounds. This structure allows us to tackle problems from different perspectives, all while allowing our consultants to learn and grow from each other's strengths. A Project Lead oversees the consultants within a team by delegating work and providing weekly check-ins. 

Project Timeline

Our typical project will span one academic semester, or roughly 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, our consultants advance through various phases including problem assessment, research, and solution development. Close and consistent communication with our client ensures that we are progressing in a targeted and efficient manner. Upon project completion, a final deliverable is presented to our client and our Board of Directors.  

Our Services

Although we are able to provide adapted services to every client, our projects will usually involve the following steps.

Problem Assessment

The first step towards improving a problem is acknowledging what that problem is. We work to understand and appreciate the values of each client in order to develop a thoughtful, prioritized and individualized approach for each project. 


Market Research and Analysis

Markets are ever evolving, giving them ability to stimulate growth or entice decline. In-depth analysis of markets and breakdown of industry trends help businesses direct their strategies, and give reason behind our recommendations. 


Strategic MarketinG

Today's technological world is shifting how consumers hear about and choose products, and millennials are at the forefront of this change. With low risk and high reward, transforming marketing strategy can generate immense value.


Operational Planning

As global companies and supply chains are consistently becoming more complex, it is imperative for businesses to operate effectively and cost efficiently in order to remain competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.