Box It Up Storage

Box It Up Storage was one of Occidental Consulting Group's first and foundational clients. As an existing small business offering summer storage to college students at Occidental College, Box It Up wanted to examine the feasibility of expansion to other Los Angeles area colleges. 

Our work was split into four primary phases:

  1. To research and analyze the current market at Occidental College,
  2. Address and rectify internal operating inefficiencies,
  3. Research and analyze potential expansion options through broader market research and competitive analysis, and
  4. Develop a systematic implementation plan encompassing both operational and marketing strategies.


"Working with The Occidental Consulting Group was a phenomenal experience. From the day they chose my business, OCG was incredibly professional, proactive, and creative. They provided incredibly valuable metrics to give our company a better insight into our competitive atmosphere, accurately evaluated our internal and external business problems, and went over the top to produce a final proposal that has enabled me as a small business owner to see that now is the time for expansion. The Occidental Consulting Group showed us that expansion is not only a possibility, but a reality." 

Grant Hamill, CEO, Box It Up Storage